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Robin's Story: The Journey that Started It All.

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

I am Robin Green, and I am the founder of Robin's Pink Journey.

As I think of the way my life has changed since May 9, 2014, I am THANKFUL.

Five years ago, during a visit to the doctors, I was told some news that would change my life forever. "MS. GREEN THE BIOPSY CONFIRMED WHAT I THOUGHT. YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER!" My heart sank. I fell to the floor. For a few minutes, I even forgot to breathe. Once I was able to process what I had just heard, I stood up and looked at my baby boy with tears. All I all could bring myself to say - and think about was, "My babies... What about my babies? Today is my grandson's birthday. How can I go to his party? How am I supposed to celebrate?!" Confused, I continued, "What do I have to CELEBRATE!!?"

I sat in the surgeon's office with my family numb. I was no longer interested in anything else he had to say. I knew that he was still speaking, but I was completely numb to what he was saying.

On the following Thursday I had a scheduled lumpectomy. I went to my follow up appointment only to find out there was another cancer in my breast and I would need to see the surgery again the following week. I was so confused, "What!!!!Huh!! Did I hear this right? Is this my life?" Yes, this was in fact my life... I felt defeated. Deflated. I questioned God, "Why me?"

On top of processing this diagnosis, I learned that I also had to schedule an appointment with the ONCOLOGIST to come up with a plan to help save my life. It was not a meeting that I looked forward to - as I was still processing the diagnosis, but I knew that I wasn't going to just give up that easily. So I went to that appointment... and one port insertion, 4 chemo treatments, one hospital stay, a bald head, 33 Radiation treatments and one heck of a burn later... I became a PINK WARRIOR. I realized my power in that, and began to hone my pain into purpose.

Everyday I continue to FIGHT. To be STRONG. I embrace those who Love and Support me. I have learned to hold my head high, even when I'm feeling low. That is what being a Pink Warrior has come to mean for me. This journey has answered my "Why Me, God?" and through this newfound purpose I have come to serve as resource of strength and hope for others who are on their own pink journey.

Robin Green, Founder Robin's Pink Journey

What is Robin's Pink Journey?

An organization dedicated to providing support and services for individuals (families) who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Our services help reduce the indirect costs of the diagnosis by supplying necessary household essentials, such as: laundry detergent, soap, deodorant, toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

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We know this won't be an easy journey, but we are here to lend a helping hand because we are in this fight together.

Here’s how we can help

  1. Head to our homepage

  2. Scroll down the contact form

  3. Populate the form

  4. Click submit

  5. And we will be in touch!

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